Dynamic Image generation with URL

Discover how to create personalised images from links - Abyssale Dynamic Images

The base URL of a dynamic image is: https://img.abyssale.com/{templateId}

Changes can be done just as you would normally do with the REST API except it is directly done in the URL with query strings.

All available properties are listed under the Element Properties pages.

How to construct the query strings?

Each query string is composed of a key and a value, such as key=value. The key corresponds to the layer property that needs to be customised and value to the property value.

key is of the following form: layer_name.property_name.

For instance if the template you would like to customise has a text_title element and you would like to change its color; the key will be text_title.color.

If you would like to change:

the property_name can be omitted, such as layer_name=value

Once all of your changes are defined, the final URL will look like:


For instance:

As changes are announced by URL, all values must be URL encoded beforehand.


How to select a format ?

By default the first format of your template will be used.

To use a particular format, you have to specify it in the base url and looks like:


For instance, if your templateId is 34j39c5e-31fa-4jdb-b6d4-0c97445fb9b3 and the format you would like to generate is instagram-story, the base URL will be:


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