Overview - Webhooks

Use webhooks to get events (new banners, template status changes etc..) from Abyssale.

Abyssale sends you notifications when new events happen on your Abyssale account.

What are webhooks ?

A webhook is an HTTP service that allows Abyssale or other applications to send data to your service as soon as a defined event takes place.

Exemple of use case

  • Every time a new banner is created on Abyssale you receive a notification with the banner URL. Create a little program to download it and upload it to your app folder.

  • Once an export is finished, Abyssale sends you a notification with the zip file URL. When your receive it push a notification on your Slack with the URL in it.

  • When a status on a template has changed you receive a notification. When the status is APPROVED send it to Slack to notify your team that the template is ready to use.

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