Image Export

How to export images - Abyssale REST API

You can generate an export (.zip format) containing several images.

This process is asynchronous and requires a webhook server to listen to export events.

(1) Ask an export

# Do not forget to replace {YOUR-API-KEY}
curl -X POST -H "x-api-key:{YOUR-API-KEY}" -H "Content-Type: application/json"  \
-d '{
  "callback_url": "",
  "ids": ["{banner_id1}", "{banner_id2}", "{banner_id3}"]
}' \

(2) Receive the export request ID

If the export request is accepted, the API call returns the export_id. It represents the ID of the asynchronous export and allows toto identify the asynchronous response.

The following errors can occur:

  • 400: A given parameter is invalid. Body response:

    "message": "body_validation_errors: {'media': {'ids': {0: ['Length must be 36.']}}}",
    "errors": {
        "media": {
            "ids": {
                "0": [
                    "Length must be 36."
  • 404: One the given banner ID cannot be found.

(3) NewExport event

Once the export is generated on the Abyssale side, a NewExport event is sent (POST) to the callback_url

If the initial request returns an export ID, the NewExport event will always be sent.

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