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Generate Videos

How to generate videos - Abyssale REST API
Videos (mp4) can be created by sending data and customisation parameters to the POST /async/banner-builder/{template_id}/generate endpoint (with the image_file_type property equals to mp4), which will respond synchronously with only a generation_request_id property.
Once the generation is completed, the result will then be posted to the callback_url (webhooks system).
Video asynchronous generation (with Webhooks)
  • Supported template type: Animated
  • Generation response type: Asynchronous (Webhooks or Polling)
The generated video is exported at 24 fps.

Generating videos looks like the HTML5 generation process, except:

  • You can add a background video
  • This feature is available for all plans
The only thing you have to do to create an animated banner is to fill the image_file_type parameter with the value mp4.
For exemple:
"image_file_type": "mp4"

Adding a background video

You can optionally send a video as background. Fill the video_root element with the parameter video_url. The video_url needs to be a valid mp4 video.
For exemple:
"video_root": {
"video_url": ""


  • The video_url accepts only mp4 videos. The maximum file size is 100Mo.
  • Video can be added only on the video_root element
  • The generated video extension is mp4.
  • The video will be middle centered on the root element.
  • If the video size is too small we'll scale it to fit in the root container.
Reminder: As the video is added on the video_root element every other elements are on top of it and will cover the video.

File compression level

You can optionally set the file_compression_level. The "File Compression Level" option allows you to fine-tune the balance between file size and quality when processing files. You can choose a value between 1 and 100, where 1 represents the highest compression for the smallest file size (lower quality), and 100 signifies the best quality with larger file sizes. The default value is 100.
"file_compression_level": 100