HTML5 Banner ads Generation

How to generate an animated HTML5 banner - Abyssale REST API
This feature is available from the Advanced plan.
Generating html5 banners looks like the image generation process, except:
  • the template must be animated,
  • the generation process is necessarily asynchronous.
HTML5 Asynchronous generation process

As described on this workflow, the process looks like the Generate Multi-format Images.

Differences are listed below:
  1. 1.
    The file that is sent back is a zip file containing the index.html, javascript & image files.
  2. 2.
    Additionally to the supported image properties, an html5 property can be sent through the Abyssale REST API call to customise the click_tag (when clicking on the banner, the user is redirect to this URL) and the page_title (this is the title of the html page):
"html5": {
"click_tag": "",
"page_title": "Your page title here"