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List all your templates - Abyssale REST API
A template is a design layout including at least:
  • one format (dimension, i.e. Facebook feed 1200x628 or IAB 300x250)
  • one element (text, button, image, shape...)
All elements have their own properties that can be customised (color, text payload, image...). The complete list of available properties is available:
Once created, all template properties will act as a reference for subsequent image generation. Obviously, these properties can be overridden by sending new parameters within the generation API call.

Template Types

There are 2 types of templates on Abyssale (that can be selected when creating a new template):
  • Static template (static): The simplest form of template that allows to create static images (png, jpeg, pdf).
  • Animated template (animated): Static elements can be fully animated with effects & transitions (fade, slide...). That kind of template can be exported either as a video (mp4), a gif or a HTML5 banner (zip). For mp4 and gif you can optionally add a background video.
Template type selection

Here is the mapping between a template type and supported generation file types:

Template type

Get your templates

Abyssale provides a list of free templates in the Public Templates page. Feel free to use one to start designing a template instead of doing it from scratch.
Only templates listed in the My Templates page are accessible via API.
Get Templates
The templates can be filtered by type using a query URL property : /templates?type=animated or /templates?type=static

Sample response

"id": "3f1900f0-9a0f-4d3f-867e-1bb3a6e4fa2d",
"name": "Abyssale demo - FB Square",
"type": "static",
"created_at": 1681215684,
"updated_at": 1681217794,
"preview_url": ""
"id": "46d22c62-d134-44d3-a040-138e4ea9ea08",
"name": "Abyssale demo - FB Feed",
"type": "static",
"created_at": 1688631025,
"updated_at": 1688977170,
"preview_url": ""
This sample contains 2 templates:
  • Abyssale demo - FB Feed (static template) with the 46d22c62-d134-44d3-a040-138e4ea9ea08 template ID
  • Abyssale demo - FB Square (static template) with the 3f1900f0-9a0f-4d3f-867e-1bb3a6e4fa2d template ID
The preview_url property is the image associated with the first format in the template.